Brushed S/Steel Cafetiere

Simple and classic design

Brushed S/Steel Cafetiere
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Brushed S/Steel Cafetiere

Simple and classic design

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Product Specifics

Coffee Type: Ground coffee

Material: Stainless steel

Size: 400ml, 700ml and 1,050ml

Stylish brushed cafetiere with stainless steel mesh filter, ideal for brewing French press coffee at home. 

Expert Answers

Previous question refers to the overall height of the 6 cup cafetiere .

The height of the 6 cup Cafetiere is 235mm

What is the overall height of the Cafetiere as we store it in a cupboard when not in use?

The height of the 2 cup Cafetiere is 185mm.

How to make french press coffee at home

Check out our video how to use a cafetiere here -

Does this have a stainless steel filter

Yes it does.

What is the benefits to a metal cafetiere vs glass

They offer very much the same benefits, they make great coffee and both offer good heat retention, however stainless steel cafetieres are more robust and suitable for travel. As a glass component offers a more visual drinking experience but breaks much easier.

How to make espresso at home with french press

We do not recommend making an espresso from a cafetiere, simply because it would be difficult to gage the pressure required to create an espresso. To achieve an espresso. 7-15 BAR pressure is typical to create an espresso, any less than this will not allow water and air to pass through coffee grounds with enough force to extract oils and flavors properly.

What is the difference between Espresso maker vs french press

A cafetiere offers a quick and easy way to make coffee. A Moka Pot or Stove Top Espresso Maker is a totally different brewing method, the pot is placed on a stove, and the bottom is filled with hot water, when the water boils the steam pushes the water through the coffee grounds and coffee is sent through a spout into the top of the pot. A much longer method of brewing.

What brushed steel cafetiere is best for a family

The largest size is suitable for 6 cups of coffee

How much coffee in a cafetiere

Small - 400ml Medium - 700ml and large - 1,050ml

How much coffee should I use?

7-8 grams/1 heaped tea spoon of ground coffee to per 200 ml

Do you have the large size please.

We have 2 cup, 4 cup or 6 cup sizes in stock, these options feature next to the product image.

How can I buy the coffee filter of the 400ml model seperate

Hi, yes we can supply spares for this product. We would have to supply the lid and plunger as a whole. If this is of any interest please drop an email to [email protected] where we can assist your further.

Are there replaceable mesh filters available

We are able to supply the lid, plunger (including the filter) and rod as a spare set. Please let us know if you would like pricing for this.

What country is this product manufactured in, please?

The cafetiere is manufactured in China

Is it an insulated double walled container?

No it is neither, however with it being stainless steel it holds the heat well, this does mean it gets hot to touch, however the handle is designed to not get hot.

Is this press plastic free? Is the mesh definitely stainless steel? Are there any other plastic parts? Thanks

There are no plastic components on this Cafetiere, including the mesh which is stainless steel.

Is the cafetiere dishwasher proof?l

This Cafetiere is dishwasher proof.

Reviews for Brushed S/Steel Cafetiere

from on Dec 17th 2020 Verified Purchase
Very smart looking pot. Nice shape and good quality. Not used yet because its a present but I'm sure it'll be good. Complimentary coffee a lovely bonus. Thank you!

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