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Hot Beverages

For Additional Income

We understand that garden centres take pride in providing high-quality hot drinks as part of your guests, "day out" experience. Over recent years garden centres have embraced café culture as a way to stay competitive in today's market and drive additional revenue. 

In order to satisfy the needs of your customers, we know that you need to be able to provide consistent, high-quality coffee at a fast volume pace. 

At Sourced Coffee we want to work with you in order to provide the right solution for your sites specific needs, as well as supporting your staff with the appropriate training. 

In essence you need a partner such as Sourced Coffee to help support you by offering a total solution package. It’s not just about supplying great ethically sourced & sustainably packaged quality coffee beans but it’s about a much wider proposition. This partnership extends across ancillary product supply, business & traffic building marketing initiatives, market intelligence and innovation as well as coffee equipment consultation, supply and servicing as well as ongoing barista training. 

Ethically Sourced

Quality Coffee

We have an extensive range of quality coffee blends to meet all tastes and budgets. We have sourced a unique and outstanding range of blends and single original products in order to provide our customers with a truly special coffee experience. At the very heart of our exceptional blend range is a strong belief in ethical and sustainable sourced products. With Fairtrade accreditation, Organic seals and the Rainforest Alliance certification behind us we are committed to delivering a sustainable business. We also have full traceability from where our beans have been sourced and we always pay our farmers the prices and respect that they deserve. This commitment extends to the fact that all our exceptional blends of coffee are packed in recyclable packs.

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Business Building


We can design and generate anything from artisan street signs tempting customers into your café to bespoke menu boards to tantalise people’s taste buds. We can also support with discount & loyalty cards as well as new product development and promotional ideas. Why not extend your range of offers to include retail 250g bags of coffee beans or ground coffee so your customers can buy their favourite blends and take them home. 

Market Intelligence

& Innovation

It is critical to be able to meet the latest coffee trends to ensure you stand out from your local competition. We can guide and support your business with the latest insights into seasonal products, recipe ideas as well as link deals such as a morning break special offers like a coffee and cake deal, or lunch time coffee & dessert at a reduced price point. Let us help you grow your business. 

Coffee Machine


Whether you're a new start or if you're thinking of updating or upgrading your machine offer why not get some independent, expert advice from us - you might be surprised how we can help. 

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Servicing &


We offer a range of different servicing/maintenance options by our team of trained engineers. We understand that coffee is at the heart of your business therefore if something does go wrong with your machine we provide a fast response time to ensure it gets fixed quickly.


& Staff Training

We offer a range of barista & staff training for new or existing staff. Delivery of great training bundles is really important in ensuring you can consistently serve great coffee that exceeds your customers expectations. As a result we offer barista & staff training and 'train the trainer' modules free of charge.

As a customer you can also easily access our guides to the ongoing care and maintenance of your coffee machine. It is vitally important to keep up to date with cleaning regimes in order to ensure consistent quality of your coffee.



Whatever you require to serve great coffee we can supply it, whether that's tampers, tamper mats, thermometers, milk foaming jugs, shot pots etc.

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