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A coffee machine for a hotel is critical, whether it’s a bustling breakfast service, a large conference coffee break, wedding function, barista made coffee served in your bars and lounges and even a coffee machine in a hotel room. Expectations are high and you cannot afford to get it wrong. 

Therefore it’s critically important you have the right equipment solutions for each operational area of the hotel, alongside a range of quality products and great staff training in order to ensure you can meet your guest expectations day after day.  

At Sourced Coffee we offer a unique total-solution package encompassing machines, products & ancillaries, as well as equipment servicing and training. This one stop shop approach can be tailored to fully meet the requirements of your hotel. We understand the operational complexities you face therefore we ensure our packages focus on delivering a quality offer whilst looking at any potential cost reduction initiatives as well as how we could help you to improve hotel efficiency and speed of service.  

We can meet all your needs across your hotel whether that’s a premium café type experience for front of house through to the back of house challenge of serving coffee with speed, volume and consistency whilst maintaining quality in every cup.  

Ethically Sourced

Quality Coffee

We have an extensive range of quality coffee blends to meet all tastes and budgets for your hospitality coffee maker. We have sourced a unique and outstanding range of blends and single original products in order to provide our customers with a truly special coffee experience. At the very heart of our exceptional blend range is a strong belief in ethical and sustainable sourced products. With Fairtrade accreditation, Organic seals and the Rainforest Alliance certification behind us we are committed to delivering a sustainable business. We also have full traceability from where our beans have been sourced and we always pay our farmers the prices and respect that they deserve. This commitment extends to the fact that all our exceptional blends of coffee are packed in recyclable packs.

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Front of House

The Right Look

In addition to our extensive range of coffee blends we offer a wide range of front of house traditional as well as fully automatic push-button machine solutions. This along with comprehensive training packages means we can deliver the right look and theatre to compliment your front of house offer. 

Alongside espresso machines we also offer alternative front of house options for smaller and medium sized hotels as well as in-room up-grade coffee facilities. 

Machine details for each location or need can be found here.

Back of House

Smooth and Efficient Service

The back of house operation within any hotel is critically important in ensuring a smooth and efficient service. The key is an ability to produce very high volumes of quality hot drinks in very short timescales for breakfast service, conferences or weddings. 

At Sourced Coffee we offer a range of machines that can offer exactly the combination of volume, consistent quality and speed that will suit your operational requirements.

Coffee Machine


Whether you're a new start or if you're thinking of updating or upgrading your machine offer why not get some independent, expert advice from us - you might be surprised how we can help. 

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Servicing &


We offer a range of different servicing/maintenance options by our team of trained engineers. We understand that coffee is at the heart of your business therefore if something does go wrong with your machine we provide a fast response time to ensure it gets fixed quickly.


& Staff Training

We offer a range of barista & staff training for new or existing staff. Delivery of great training bundles is really important in ensuring you can consistently serve great coffee that exceeds your customers expectations. As a result we offer barista & staff training and 'train the trainer' modules free of charge.

As a customer you can also easily access our guides to the ongoing care and maintenance of your coffee machine. It is vitally important to keep up to date with cleaning regimes in order to ensure consistent quality of your coffee.



Whatever you require to serve great coffee we can supply it, whether that's tampers, tamper mats, thermometers, milk foaming jugs, shot pots etc.

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