With over a 100 years combined experience across our Team in the Coffee Industry, we are passionate about delivering outstanding quality Coffee in every cup. We can add invaluable experience and knowledge to your business, from consultation on the most appropriate solutions to your needs whether you’re a new venture or existing business to Barista training for your Staff. No matter what your needs may be, we are dedicated in supporting you in sourcing the most appropriate solution.

We have sourced a unique and outstanding range of blends and single origin products in order to provide our Customer’s with a truly special Coffee experience. At the very heart of our exceptional blend range is a strong belief in ethical and sustainable sourcing of products. With Fairtrade accreditation, Organic seals, Rainforest Alliance certification and fully recyclable packaging, we are committed to delivering a truly sustainable solution to all your needs. This commitment extends to the fact that all our exceptional blends of Sourced Coffee are packed in recyclable packaging in order to truly deliver against our ethical and sustainable philosophy.

We pride ourselves on our traceability from where our beans have been sourced and we are constantly seeking to find the optimum roast level for each of our coffee blends. Whether a full, dark roast or a lighter, medium roast, we strive to find the sweet spot of the beans in order to deliver the most aromatic and flavoursome Coffee possible. We always pay our farmers the prices and respect that they deserve.

Not only do we supply excellent coffee, we have sourced a wide range of branded products and ancillary lines to offer a one stop shop for all your hot beverage requirements, should this be at home, in the office or in a coffee shop. We have also sourced an extensive range of reliable machine solutions in order to meet all needs. We also provide a range of comprehensive service warranty packages for total peace of mind.

We pass onto our Customers the benefit of group buying power in order to offer Coffee and other product ingredients as well as machine solutions at consistently competitive prices.