Winter Spiced Hot Chocolate Recipe

Winter Spiced Hot Chocolate Recipe

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Winter Spiced Hot Chocolate Recipe

Here at sourced, our first love will always be Coffee. But even we can’t deny, settling down on the sofa for the night when its cold and miserable outside with a nice warm hot chocolate really is hard to beat. Cinnamon, spice and all things nice, we are sharing our favourite winter warmer, a scrumptious spiced hot chocolate that takes moments to prepare.


Swiss Miss Keurig K-Cup (or substitute with any of our selection of quality hot chocolate drink on offer)


One of our personal favourite hot chocolates, is that from our Keurig machine! You can’t get much easier or quicker than popping a pod in and pressing a button. Swiss Miss hot chocolate offers a really smooth, rich and chocolatey drink, perfect for this recipe. 

Start by creating your hot chocolate in a mug, if you are following this recipe using Keurig Swiss Miss, select the 6oz drink option and brew.

Once your drink is prepared, add ¼ teaspoon of ground nutmeg and one pump of Simply Vanilla Syrup or Simply Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup if preferred, and stir well.

Top with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and Poldermill Cinnamon sprinkles to finish.

And enjoy!