Top Nestlé Commercial Coffee Machines 2022

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Top Nestlé Commercial Coffee Machines 2022

Welcome to the breakdown of Nestlé’s top commercial coffee machines. The Nestlé brand is a household name. And the reasons for that are clear in their success as a multinational corporation. In the coffee world, Nestlé provides us with their Nescafé range. From beans to Nescafé commercial coffee machines, Nestlé provides it all. Sourced Coffee is proud to be a registered coffee machine supplier of Nestlé commercial coffee machines. From Nestlé machine rental to outright purchase, we make it possible to have your very own Nestlé coffee machine for your business. These machines are suitable for all environments and are able to keep up with high demand of up to 150 cups per day. Today, Sourced Coffee will review their top Nestlé commercial coffee machines for your business.

Nestlé coffee makers come in both bean to cup and instant coffee models. There are pros and cons to both models from superior quality to speed and efficiency. Today we will look at both and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Here is a quick overview of the Nestlé coffee machines, for those who just want to cut to the chase

Best Nestlé bean to cup coffee machine: Nescafé Alegria Fusion 60 fresh bean to cup automatic coffee machine

Best Nestlé Instant coffee machine: Nescafé Alegria Fusion 120 automatic Instant Coffee machine

Lets have a deeper look into each of these machines and see which Nestlé coffee maker is right for you and your business.


Nescafé Alegria Fusion 60 fresh bean to cup automatic coffee machine

Nescafe Alegria Fusion 60 fresh bean to cup automatic coffee machine









  • Fresh bean to cup
  • Granulated milk
  • 48 drink selections
  • High output


  • Slightly slower dispense time than instant machine
  • Granulated milk

This Nescafé automatic coffee machine is a high performance and high quality commercial coffee machine. This machine has the ability to make up to 150 cups per day without missing a beat. This machine combines the superior quality of fresh ground beans with the efficiency of granulated milk. Resulting in a fast and tasty outcome.

It is worth mentioning that when buying with Sourced Coffee, this machine comes with installation, an initial water filter and 12 months parts and labour warranty. The Nestlé commercial coffee machine can make up to 48 machine selections available on its 10 inch touchscreen display. Matching style with a plethora of drink selections, this Nestlé coffee machine will impress all of your customers. The large bean hopper means that the machine can make many drinks without the constant need to refill the machine. Couple this with the 3 large capacity canisters and two mixing bowls and you have a machine that can go without attention for an extended period of time. Meaning less time refilling and more time serving fresh coffee at the touch of a screen.

There are two sides of the coin to the use of granulated / powdered milk machines. The pros are that coffee can be made quickly with little need to keep refilling a fresh milk jug with milk every 10 or so drinks. The slight drawback is that granulated / powdered milk slightly lesser in quality than a fresh milk alternative. Many would say that they do not notice the difference, but it is worth keeping in mind. In my opinion, the pros of granulated milk far outweigh the cons. With this percentile subtraction in quality results in quick, hassle free coffee.

Overall the Nescafé Alegria Fusion 60 fresh bean to cup automatic coffee machine is a great commercial coffee machine with the ability to create 48 different drinks at the touch of a button with little to no maintenance required. Ideal for busy restaurants, cafes and large throughput areas. Now let’s look at the other side of Nestlé’s commercial coffee machine range by looking at an instant automatic coffee machine.


Nescafé Alegria Fusion 120 automatic Instant Coffee machine

Nescafe Alegria Fusion 120 automatic Instant Coffee machine









  • Super-fast service
  • High output
  • Ability to be plumbed into the mains water
  • 48 drink selections
  • 5 canisters


  • Soluble ingredients
  • Large footprint

Here we are looking at the soluble drinks solution that Nestlé provides us in the form of the Fusion 120. The reasons this machine is such a great machine for busy areas is it’s speedy production of coffee. Due to the use of soluble ingredients. This coffee machine is able to produce 48 different drinks faster than it’s bean to cup alternative discussed above. It’s canister system also means it’s simple to refill and clean at the end of the day.

There are also some snags when it comes to the use of soluble (instant) ingredients in coffee machines that should be noted when deciding which route you wish to go. This will ensure that you make the correct decision when making your coffee machine purchase. The soluble system, as mentioned before results in extremely quick coffee dispensing. This is absolutely ideal if you are planning to use machine in an environment where they may be a surge in demand in a short time frame. It means coffee can be made for each customer faster than a coffee machine that needs to grind, tamp and extract coffee every single time a drink is selected. However, this also comes with a sacrifice in the overall quality of the coffee. Of course, the best coffee will always be coffee that is freshly ground and dispensed under pressure in the form of an espresso. Therefore any customers of yours that are coffee connoisseurs will (most likely) be able to notice the difference in quality compared to a traditional espresso machine or bean to cup alternative.

This does not mean that this machine makes bad coffee. In fact, it is by far the opposite. This Nestlé coffee maker has the advantage of being made by a top coffee brand that has fine tuned its ingredients to be the best they can possibly be. As a result this coffee machine is able to make fantastic drinks, quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to comparing each of these machines there are some key features on both coffee machines that are worth keeping in mind when making your decision. If you want the coffee quality of a espresso machine then have a look at the fresh bean to cup machine. If you are looking for speedy delivery of coffee, have a look at the latter. Either way, both Nestlé commercial coffee machines have their place in the business environment. Shop the Nestlé range here.

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