St. Patricks Day Irish Coffee Recipe

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St. Patricks Day Irish Coffee Recipe

Ditch the pints of Guinness, celebrate St. Patricks Day with an Irish Caffeine Kick!

An Irish coffee is an iconic cocktail consisting of fresh hot coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar and topped with cream. Perfect for enjoying on St. Patricks Day. You don’t need to be a professional barista or bartender to create the perfect Irish Coffee, neither do you need any special equipment to whip them up.

Below is our favourite recipe.

Irish coffee

Brew a delicious Sourced Coffee using your favourite blend and pour into your pre-warmed glass so it’s about ¾’s full. Add 2 tea spoons of brown sugar and stir until completely dissolved. Add your shot of Irish whiskey into the mixture and again stir thoroughly. Lightly whip your cream and very gently pour the cream over the back of a spoon into the drink. You could always jazz it up even further by adding a Shamrock coffee stencil and sprinkle of ground nutmeg on top.