Sourced ethically, packaged sustainably.

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Sourced ethically, packaged sustainably.

Sourced recognises the importance of making good choices around the impact our business has on the environment. Not only do we focus on using only the highest quality coffee, sustainably grown and sourced, but we have carefully chosen sustainable packaging, to contribute to a more environmentally friendly economy.

Plastic is an incredibly useful material, but sadly one that takes thousands of years to decompose. Plastic is now found almost everywhere in our environment, in our oceans, rivers and even soil. This is one of the worlds most pressing problems and it is everyone’s responsibility to take action.

So what are we at Sourced doing?

All of our SOURCED products are packaged in No. 4 LDPE recyclable film. Aligned with WRAP’s vision (Waste & Resource Action Plan). LDPE is used to make thin, flexible products like plastic bags. The coffee film we use can be recycled with bags at supermarkets.

LDPE 4 is growing with recyclable uses, of all plastics, LDPE produces the least greenhouse gasses when recycled.

We do advise you contact your local authorities to make sure they accept number 4 LDPE plastics as part of your curb-side recycling program, if so, great and pop it in your recycling bin according to instructions! Alternatively, locate your nearest recycling center or recycling points at your local supermarket.

This packaging isn’t just good for the environment, it also maintains the high quality of coffee inside perfectly, with a 12 month shelf life.

A small action that will have a big impact on the future of our planet, so you can continue to enjoy your Sourced coffee, with peace of mind it has been sourced and packaged sustainably.