New To Sourced - KPod Keurig Compatible Pods

Keurig Compatible Pods

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New To Sourced - KPod Keurig Compatible Pods

Discover the abundance of flavour and body with every cup of KPod. KPod has significantly researched the best quality available for the Keurig coffee system. Prepared by hand using only the best selection of beans.

The KPod Range 

Boston Breakfast -

Perfect as either a delightful morning wake me up or all-day coffee roast. A delicious bold blend of cereal notes and dried fruit flavours bursting through in every cup.

Boston breakfast Kcup


Sumatra Reserve - 

100% Arabica coffee blend delivers ripe fruit tones and sweet vanilla notes. A full-bodied coffee combined with a velvety aroma.

Sumatran reserve kcup


Colombian - 

A unique single origin Colombian coffee, sourced from the “Zona Cafetera” area of Colombia. 100% Arabica blend delivers an elegant, fruity and rich flavour. Discover the sweet and fruity notes that have made Colombian Coffee highly renowned around the world.

colombian kpod


Italian Decaf - 

A full-bodied blend with fruity notes and a rich honey finish. If you want to enjoy your coffee, but without caffeine, this is the perfect roast for you. Delivers an intense aroma and a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

decaf kpod


Italian Dark Magic Blend - 

A perfectly balanced blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans. A rich and intense flavour delivering an indulgent chocolate aftertaste.

italian magic kpod


New York Blend -

A bold traditional coffee, darkly roasted. Every cup offers dynamic aroma which helps to bring out a flavourful and persistent toasted note. A powerful and bold blend. This robust dark roast delivers a rich and fruity flavour with a hint of smokiness.

newyork bold kpod


Seattle Blend - 

A well balanced blend with rich chocolate notes and toasted nutty flavours. A clean and intense brew delivering a smooth lingering aftertaste.

seattle blend kpod


All KPod capsules are compatible with compatible with K-Cup® Keurig® 1.0 & 2.0 Brewers and KPod machines.

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