Lattaero Milk Frother

A standalone, dishwasher-safe automatic milk frother.

Lattaero Milk Frother
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Lattaero Milk Frother

A standalone, dishwasher-safe automatic milk frother.


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Product Specifics

Dimensions: D 120mm x H 200mm

Materials: Anti-slip ABS plastic plus stainless steel

Power: 0.5W standby power consumption

From hot milk to hot or cold milk froth, the LATTAERO milk frother will turn you into a barista.
•    Four functions, each button illuminated
•    Especially firm and creamy milk foam
•    Very good results with milk of any fat conent
•    Ideal for latte macchiato and cappuccino
•    Tight closing, transparent lid
•    Easy to clean by hand and dishwasher safe
•    Quiet, fast operation
•    High-quality manufacturing

Expert Answers

Can you use cream in a milk frother?

You will be able to froth cream but not in high quantities like the milk. Due to its thickness the whisk mechanism will be strained to try and stir a more viscous liquid and may not yield the same frothed effect from milk.

How to clean a milk frother?

To clean the milk frother, simply add a small amount of detergent and wash the inside with warm water. It is also dishwasher safe. Do not submerge the electrical elements in water. Only clean the cup part of the frother.

Is a milk frother healthy?

A milk frother simply aerates milk. It adds nothing more to the milk other than warming it and airating it.

Milk frother vs Hand mixer

A milk frother will be much more effective than trying to froth milk by hand. Due to the amount of air that needs to be added to get frothed milk. The milk frother also heats and froths the milk saving time and energy.

Milk frother vs Steamer

A milk frother is a cheaper and smaller version of a commercial steam wand or steamer. A milk frother aerates the milk using a whisk based method that whisks air into the milk. A steamer is a method of forcing air into the milk via steam. This both heats and changes the texture of the milk making it foamier.

Milk frother vs Velvetiser

The Velvetiser is ideal for a good hot chocolate but won’t froth milk like the lattaero milk frother. The milk frother is also able to do hot chocolate on top of frothing milk. The velvetiser is designed to make smooth hot chocolate but not froth milk.

What is an electric milk frother?

An electric milk frother uses a whisk like design to aerate the milk to change its texture. This model also heats the milk to get a hot frothed milk.

How to use a milk frother?

Simply add milk to the desired quantity (do not exceed the MAX line). Click the desired milk finish you wish to have and it will do the rest. Keep an eye on it as if you have filled the milk too high it may overspill.

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