K-Fee Cleaning Capsules

Cleaning capsules specially developed for K-fee capsule machines

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K-Fee Cleaning Capsules

Cleaning capsules specially developed for K-fee capsule machines


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Have you ever cleaned a coffee cup with dried-up espresso or cappuccino residues by hand? Coffee oils, fats and milk deposits make this task harder than it looks. These stains can also build up in your capsule machine. In order to prevent taste-impairing stains and hard deposits we recommend not only the regular use of the machine's rinsing and cleaning program, but also the use of our special cleaning capsules. They remove coffee oils, fats and milk residues in the brewing chamber and the outlet channels of your capsule machine. The cleaning capsule injects the cleaning detergent directly into the capsule chamber where possible stains occur. For easy, effortless and hygienic cleaning. Regular cleaning ensures carefree enjoyment and great taste of every cup of your favourite K-fee beverages.

The CS cleaning capsules type C01 are specially developed for K-fee capsule machines, are Swiss-made and phosphate-free. Their size is equivalent to regular K-fee capsules, and they fit all capsule machines of the K-fee system. Most customers achieve very good results with one application after approx. 30 cups or 2 times a month. When using capsules containing milk, daily cleaning may be useful for hygienic reasons. Alternatively, you can also use the liquid cleaner, which is also available.

Expert Answers

Hi - Do the CS C01 cleaning capsules work in a K150 machine please ?

The K-Fee cleaning capsules work specifically for the K-Fee machine and therefore will not work in the K150 Keurig Brewer. To clean your K150, regularly clean the external brewer parts, but every 3-6 months descale your machine using the Keurig descale liquid we sell separately, enter the entire bottle into an empty water reservoir tank, top the water reservoir up with water until full and then run a cleansing cycle by brewing the largest cup size available. Repeat process until the reservoir runs out of water. After this, rinse out any remaining descale solution by filling the reservoir with fresh water, brew water through until the tank is empty. Lastly, clean the K-Cup holder, exit needle and water reservoir with soapy water, dry well before reassembling.

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