Guide to the best commercial coffee machines 2022

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Guide to the best commercial coffee machines 2022

The range of commercial coffee machines can be a bit overwhelming if you are not up to date with the latest technology. Understanding which coffee machine is right for your business can also be challenging. Fortunately Sourced Coffee has over 100 years combined experience in the coffee industry. Through this time since 1993, we have been able to witness first-hand the improvements in coffee machines. From the transition to third wave coffee, the increasing demand for automatic bean to cup coffee machines and of course we can forget the traditional espresso machines.

With this information, we have put our heads together to give you a definitive list of our favourite coffee machines for each category. We will cover a variety of brands and machine types to ensure you understand which machine is right for you. Hopefully this guide will help you make a more informed decision when deciding on what is right for you. If you are still not sure / can’t be bothered to read this article, please feel free to contact us via a phone call or email to speak to one of our experienced sales team.

We understand as a someone in charge of running a business, you may not have time to read the whole of this article that our marketing team put their blood, sweat and tears into… but that’s ok! Below we have a list of the categories and our top picks for each one.

It is worth mentioning that these machines are the top of the range for each brand. There are alternatives if your business does not require large outputs that most of these machines provide. Be sure to checkout the brand page if you see a machine you like to see an alternative that may suit you needs better.


Best Traditional Espresso Machine | Fracino Bambino 2 group electronic Commercial Espresso Coffee Machine

Fracino 2 group commercial coffee machine

The Fracino range benefits from years of experience and is considered some of the best quality traditional coffee machine brands on the market. Fracino has a British pedigree, this is shown through both design and quality. Here are some pros and cons of this particular Fracino commercial coffee machine.


  • Large boiler capacity
  • Hot water spout
  • 2 group heads


  • Only one hot water spout

The Fracino traditional espresso machine is able to produce up to 400 cups of the highest quality coffee per day. The two groups heads allow the 2 drinks to be made at once which will cut your serving time in half. The Fracino bambino coffee machine range is some of the highest quality kit we have at Sourced. This machine would be ideal for a traditional café with trained baristas. Other businesses such as busy restaurants / businesses with high staff turnover and businesses without trained baristas may benefit from a different model of machine such as an automatic bean to cup machine that we will cover next.


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Best bean to cup fresh milk coffee machine | Jura GIGA X8C fresh bean to cup automatic coffee machine

X8C Jura Coffee Machine

The Jura machine range is a Swiss made automatic coffee machine that has a strong focus on the quality of the coffee. This fresh bean to cup machine is able to make large quantities of coffee per day without any need for filling up a water tank or coffee beans too often. The large dual coffee bean hoppers are capable of going all day without refilling and due to the fact the coffee machine is connected to the mains water. This machine is very capable of looking after itself with little training needed to operate the machine. Ideal for offices or businesses that have a high staff turnover or do not have the ability to train a dedicated barista.


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Best bean to cup granulated milk coffee machine | Bravilor® Esprecious 12 fresh bean to cup automatic coffee machine

Bravilor Esprescious 12

We have yet to cover the Bravilor range in a blog. This machine range is used in large commercial environments including hotels and restaurants. Being able to provide all sorts of solutions from fresh milk to granulated milk.

This particular machine is a machine that uses fresh beans and granulated milk. Ideal for areas of large throughputs. Its simple touchscreen display allows for a self service option. Easy for staff or customers to navigate through the different coffee options. With a large 1.4kg bean hopper allows no need for refilling of beans throughout the day. The Bravilor range provides larger machines ideal for larger businesses. If you are a smaller business, you may require something slightly smaller. Feel free to use our machine selector tool to see what machine will suit your needs.


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Best instant coffee and granulated milk coffee machine | Nescafe Alegria Fusion 120 automatic Instant Coffee machine

Nescafe Alegria Fusion 120 automatic Instant Coffee machine

The Nestle coffee machine range benefits from the experience from the Nestle brand. This instant coffee machine benefits from speed of both instant coffee and milk. Without the need to grind beans the internal parts are simpler and therefore more efficient at making coffee. Resulting in a cup of coffee quickly. This machine would be ideal for many environments. From offices to restaurants and everything in-between.


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If you have any more questions regarding our coffee machine range, please feel free to contact us via phone, email or request a call back at the bottom of this page.