Canderel Sweetener

A healthier alternative to sugar

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Canderel Sweetener

A healthier alternative to sugar


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Size: 1000 x 1 Portion sachets

Canderel offers a healthier alternative to sugar – a great way to sweeten up your hot drink without the calories. One sachet of Canderel is equal to one teaspoon of sugar, but it only contains 0.3 calories, way less than regular sugar.

Canderel sweetener sachets have a very easy-to-open packaging making it quick and simple to sweeten up your coffee or tea. These sachets are based on sucralose and are suitable for diabetics and vegetarians. 

Expert Answers

I hear comments about Aspartame not being reccommended, this making cane sugar a better option for diabetic people

 Canderel® is suitable for people with diabetes as part of a balanced diet since the sweeteners used do not raise blood glucose levels like sugar does.

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