Best Professional Coffee Machines 2022

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Best Professional Coffee Machines 2022

Welcome to the definitive list of professional coffee machines for your business / office / restaurant / café / hotel.

There are many different coffee machines available on the market. This list should help you narrow down your needs to a few set machines. All these machines mentioned will have more information linked below once you find one right for you.

1. Vitro S1

The Vitro S1 is a very popular, stylish machine that performs well at its price range. This machine comes as a bean to cup or an instant machine. The bean to cup machine taking slightly longer to make a coffee but due to the beans being ground for that coffee this will give the freshest taste compared to its counterpart the instant machine. The instant version does have some benefits however. For one it is able to dispense drinks much faster compared to the bean to cup model as it does not need to grind the beans beforehand. This allows the coffee to be dispensed in around 10-20 seconds compared to the 40-60 seconds of a bean to cup version.

Both the instant and bean to cup models are capable of up to 60 cups per day. This is perfect for any environment. One thing to note is that the instant machine is quieter as it doesn’t have an internal grinder. Something to note if you have this machine in a quiet working environment.


2. Jura WE8

The Jura range is a high quality machine range that focuses on quality espresso based drinks with fresh milk. Unlike the Vitro S1 this machine makes drinks with fresh milk meaning that the overall quality of milky drinks is better than its S1 counterpart. This machine makes up to 50 drinks per day with 12 drink options and the ability to make 2 black drinks simultaneously. The Jura WE8 is able to make specialty coffees with a single click of the touch screen display. Some things to note however is the milk is not warmed much during the drink making process. This can sometimes make a coffee seem not as piping hot as some people prefer. To rectify this Sourced provides a cup warmer to ensure these drinks are provided to customers / employees at the highest standard.

The Jura WE8 is the entry model of the high quality Jura range. For more information about the Jura range, click here.


3. Bravilor Bolero 32 Instant Coffee Machine 

The Bolero 32 is a stunning machine with seamless touchscreen control. It’s sleek modern design means it fits into any modern environment. This machine can make up to 36 different drinks in total with the touch screen being able to swipe to different coffees.

This machine is an instant machine meaning it uses instant coffee milk and chocolate to create the different drinks in around 11 seconds.

The Bravilor Bolero also comes in another model, the 43. Which has an extra canister for decaf coffee to ensure you can meet all customer’s needs.

Both these models push towards the premium price point compared to the popular S1. So this is something to consider when choosing a machine.

4. Jura GIGA X8 fresh bean to cup automatic coffee machine including fresh milk fridge Gen II


This machine is another machine from Jura. This machine is at the higher price point of automatic machines but for good reason. This machine can produce up to 200 cups per day with 32 different drink options. This machine also has 2 bean hoppers. This means this machine can produce two black coffees at once. This machine is also a fresh milk machine meaning that the machine uses fresh milk in its drinks compared other powdered milk machines.


That rounds off some of the most popular machines we have at Sourced Coffee. Find more information on our website and use our machine selector tool to find the perfect machine for you!