6 tips to improve your coffee game

Improve your coffee at home with these quick and easy tips.

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6 tips to improve your coffee game

Welcome to Sourced tips to improving your coffee. These tips are simple and easy so there is minimal effort for maximum results!

1. Use a filter

Using a water filter for your coffee machine or water filter jug can greatly improve your coffee taste, aroma and consistency. Doing this will improve any coffee including pod, ground or anything in between. A water filter is essential to get the best out of your coffee.

We sell water filters that go directly into your coffee machine water tank. For more information click here to see the range of water filtration systems we offer.


2. Find your coffee

Everyone’s personal coffee taste is different. Some may like stronger bolder coffees whilst others prefer milder coffees that represent the bean flavour rather than the roast. This is why it is great to try different roasts, blends and regions to see what suits you best.

If you prefer a stronger coffee than you may want to try a medium / dark roast coffee or a blend with Robusta bean content.

Here are some suggestions for a stronger coffee:

 For a less intense coffee, try a light to medium roast coffee with a majority blend of Arabica beans. This is a lighter bean that is less harsh than its counterpart.

Here are some suggestions for a milder coffee:


3. Try different brewing methods

Different brewing methods have different resulting tastes. Although this depends on the coffee that is being used, the brewing method can have a substantial effect on the taste profile the coffee produces.

For example, using an AeroPress as your brewing method will bring out the aroma and taste of the coffee bean itself. Someone who is looking for a lighter coffee will benefit from this method. For a stronger coffee, an ideal brewing method is a cafetiere. This is due to the fact that a cafetiere brings out the roast profile significantly more than an AeroPress. As a result of this the coffee taste should be stronger overall.

They key is to vary both the coffee and the method of brewing to find your perfect brewing method. This may take a few tries but it's well worth the time invested when you finally get that perfect cup!


4. Source Responsibly

At Sourced we only stock the highest quality ethically sourced coffee products. Sourced coffee beans all have a level of accreditation. From rainforest alliance to organic beans, we have it all. We all know something tastes better when you know its sustainably sourced.

5. Correct Storage

The correct storage of coffee means that it will stay fresher for longer. Keeping your coffee in an airtight container and kept in a cool place (even the fridge) will ensure the best possible quality and lifespan of your coffee.


6. Pre heat your cup

No one likes a cold coffee. We recommend warming your coffee cup up before adding your coffee. This can be done by using the water from the kettle to heat your cup whilst your coffee brews. This also gives the water in your kettle some time to cool slightly as boiling water will taint the coffee taste. Try to avoid adding boiling water straight from the kettle and leave the water to cool slightly.


That rounds up our tips for improving your coffee game - Enjoy your great coffee!