Keurig K140 Brewer

A versatile machine, perfect for the home and small office

Keurig K140 Brewer
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Keurig K140 Brewer

A versatile machine, perfect for the home and small office

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Product Specifics

Dimensions: 24.1 cm wide, 29.0 cm depth, 33.7 cm height

Drink sizes: 6oz, 8oz or 10oz servings (cup, mug and flask sizes)

Energy: Auto Off feature which ensures the Brewer enters an energy-saving mode when not in use for over an hour

Power supply: 13amp plug

Suitable for: Home or office

Water supply: Drainable hot water tank allowing for easy relocation

Compatible: K-Cups only

Suggested Capacity: 100 drinks a day

The K140 Brewer by Keurig® is a versatile machine, perfect for the home and small office. It will happily cope with serving over 100 cups a day. Easy to operate and with an average warm-up time of only a minute, and a serve duration of around 50 seconds.Three different cup sizes to choose from. 

Self fill only, with a reservoir large enough to hold six mug-sized servings. Comes complete with a Brita Water Filter and one year manufacturers guarantee.


Expert Answers

Does it have a UK plug ? When is the delivery date ?We just had coffeemaker delivered from USA It doesn’t work.

All of our Keurig machines are approved and ready for use in the UK and come with a standard BS 3 pin plug. We offer next day delivery for all orders over £20 and free delivery on all orders over £50.

how do you clean the Keurig K140 if not used for a while, do you need to run a cleaner through it?

Hi Julie, to clean your K140, take out the pod cradle and rinse under the tap. Empty the water tank and replace with fresh water. Dispense at least 5 drinks through the machine to flush the brewer.

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