K-Fee Wave Starter Bundle

Premium commercial grade espresso machine and four boxes of K-fee Pods

K-Fee Wave Starter Bundle
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K-Fee Wave Starter Bundle

Premium commercial grade espresso machine and four boxes of K-fee Pods

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Product Specifics

Additional: Drip tray for espresso cups

Compatible: K-Fee pods only

Dimensions: 15 cm wide, 37.8 cm depth, 29.7 cm height

Included: K-fee WAVE Espresso Machine, 56 assorted pods - Ethiopia, Decaf, Breakfast Tea, Hot Choc

Operation: Three button operation (small cup, large cup, milk)

Power supply: 13amp plug

Suggested Capacity: 50 drinks a day

Suitable for: Home or office

Water supply: Removable 1ltr water tank

The K-FEE WAVE is a premium commercial grade espresso machine, capable of delivering a wide range of high quality drinks.

The Wave is quick and quiet, dispensing a drink in less than 20 seconds. The WAVE is the ideal solution for your kitchen, office or meeting room. The machine offers a range of high quality espresso blends, tea and hot chocolate as well as having the capability to dispense longer Lungo style sized drinks. The WAVE has a really small footprint of only 15cm wide and ergonomically designed with illuminating buttons on the front panel so looks great in any environment.

The K-Fee® Wave starter pack includes - 
- A K-fee WAVE Espresson Machine
56 Assorted pods - 
- Box of Ethiopia pods
- Box of Decaf pods
- Box of Breakfast Tea pods
- Box of Hot Choc pods


Expert Answers

Are k fee pods recyclable?

Yes, they are recyclable, check your local recycling for more information. Some may need to be dropped off at a recycling point.

Automatic coffee machine vs pods

Depending on the machine. An automatic coffee machine grinds fresh beans to and then creates espresso based coffee by putting the freshly ground beans under pressure of 6bar to create espresso coffee. A pod machine works through a filter method where hot water is put into the pods and forced through the coffee. However, this is not the same pressure as the automatic machine and therefore makes filter coffee instead of espresso.

Are empty coffee pods recyclable?

Most coffee pods are recyclable. However, you need to empty the coffee ground from the pods first. Always check the manufactures instructions on how to safely recycle your coffee pods.

How to use k-fee coffee machine?

K-fee coffee machine makes espresso coffee at home. This machine is simple to use. Simply fill up the water chamber in the back. Add a K-fee pod into the machine and choose your desired cup size.

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