Fracino Contempo 1 Group

Made in the UK, innovative design & state of the art production

Fracino Contempo 1 Group
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Fracino Contempo 1 Group

Made in the UK, innovative design & state of the art production

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Product Specifics

Lease Available: Weekly lease from only £24.44

Espresso machine: 1 Group fresh bean coffee machine

Suggested Capacity: 1 Group 120 cups per hour

Power & water supply: 1 Group 13amp plug within 1m of machine location. Plumbed 3/4 inch BSP dishwasher water connection within 1m of machine location

Suitable for: Professional brewing

Water supply: Plumbed

Fracino’s Contempo range performs magnificently as an innovative series of affordable, luxury espresso/cappuccino coffee machines. The standard Contempo model boasts a stainless steel finish that shines like polished chrome. The design of the machine reflects a modern interpretation of style that makes for a stunning, yet timeless focal point in any café, bar or restaurant. 
Fracino Contempo machines are semi-automatic or electronically controlled. The 1 group features a hot water facility and steam tube for frothing and steaming milk. Large capacity boilers, high-powered elements and are hand built to the highest standards, using only the finest stainless steel, copper and brass. The group on the semi-automatic Contempo machines are operated by an illuminated blue plunger switch with a satin finish, so the user can control the amount of coffee being dispensed into the cup. Electronically controlled models have a unique touch pads with four accurately pre-programmed coffee measures and an override option button.    

There is also the opportunity to lease this machine from as little as £24.44 a week. 

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