Delonghi Slim Magnifica Bean To Cup Coffee Maker

Freshly ground and brewed coffee in the comforts of your home

Delonghi Slim Magnifica Bean To Cup Coffee Maker
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Delonghi Slim Magnifica Bean To Cup Coffee Maker

Freshly ground and brewed coffee in the comforts of your home

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Product Specifics

Additional: Comes with cleaning tablets and scoop

Cleaning: Cleaning funciton integrated on the knob, Cleaning warning for cappuccino system, Rinse and decalcification auto-programmes

Colour: Black

Compatible: Coffee beans or ground coffee

Dimensions: W 238 x D 430 x H 351

Features: Patented Autocappuccino System, New thermoblock and Temperature settings

Integrated Grinder: Silent integrated coffee grinder with 13 adjustable settings

Power: 1450 watts

Unit: Removable brewing unit - with variable capacity (from 6 to 14 gr), Adjustable coffee dispenser from 86 to 140 mm height and Coffee-grounds Container Capacity Indicator: 14 cups / 72h

Water supply: Removable 1.8L water reservoir with empty water indicator

The Delonghi Slim Magnifica Bean To Cup Coffee Maker offers an outstanding cup of fresh coffee from the comforts of your home.

Very simple to use, thanks to the display with icons showing the selected quantity of ground coffee and water, the missing water and the descalingcycle. Thanks to the cleaning function integrated on the knob the machine will perform an automatic washing cycle.The container with the AUTOCAPPUCCINO device is highly practical, as milk can be stored in the refrigerator when not in use.

Featuring Patented “AutomaticCappuccino”: place the cup under the nozzle and press the Cappuccino button. You’ll get a perfect Cappuccino! There are an array of drink options available, choose from short, medium or long, try a strong or extra mild aroma, or enjoy drinks piping hot, medium or low temperatures. Capable of preparing two cups of coffee with a single brew.

This machine can be used with either ground or fresh beans, coffee-grounds container capacity features an indicator: 14 cups/72h. Silent integrated coffee grinder with 13 adjustable settings. Removable 1.8L water reservoir with empty water indicator.

Price includes a free sample of Sourced Grande Reserve Rainforest Alliance Coffee Beans 250g

Expert Answers

How often should a coffee machine be serviced?

The Delonghi coffee machine does not need a regular proper service like some larger commercial coffee machines do. This machine needs regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure a long life from the machine. This includes following the guidelines set out in the downloads section of this page and ensuring the machine is kept clean.

DeLonghi Magnifica vs Autentica

These machines are similar. Both with the same display type and push button function. The magnifica is known to be slightly noisier than the Authentica. Their price range is also very similar. One thing to note is the Authentica is a larger machine with more depth than the Magnifica.

DeLonghi Magnifica vs Dinamica

These machines are very similar. Some things to note is that the Dinamica has a led display screen. Both come with milk frothers and are bean to cup machines making espresso grade coffee at the press of a button.

How to use DeLonghi Magnifica?

Download the 'setup-instructions' file located in the downloads section to find all the information regarding setup of this coffee machine.

How to reset DeLonghi Magnifica?

To reset the DeLonghi Magnifica, press the menu button and scroll until 'default values' appears on screen. Then press ok and ok again to confirm your reset.

How do you clean a DeLonghi Bean to Cup machine?

Please see attached document for instructions on cleaning. The main things to note is to regularly clean the milk dispenser to ensure that the milk does not dry up.

Is there an option to just have milk - for milk and syrups or hot chocolate? Thanks

No unfortunetly not with this machine.

Can the machine be used without the milk container and just use a steam wand as in the first picture?

Hi, no the steam wand cannot be used without the milk container, here is a video of the machine in use -

Where is the water reservoir? (To refill) Accessible from the front/ side/back?

It is on the right side of the machine.


Any of our Sourced beans or pre ground coffee is suitable to use with this machine.

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