Christmas gift ideas for a coffee lover 2021

Look no further for Christmas gifts!

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Christmas gift ideas for a coffee lover 2021

Struggling for Christmas gifts this Christmas? 

Sourced has you covered from coffee makers to coffee grinders and everything in between!

Below are our top 5 Christmas gifts for a coffee lover this Christmas 2021.



Sourced Rainforest Alliance Java and V60 Starter Kit

This starter kit is perfect for those who want to start experimenting with home brewing. For the freshest possible cup of coffee every time.

This set consists of a Hario Coffee Dripper that contains a scoop and 40 filter papers to get you started. The kit also includes a pack of 250g resealable Ground Sourced Rainforest Alliance Java coffee. One of our most popular coffee blends to date! This gift set also comes with a free Hessian Gift Bag so don't panic about the wrapping!



Opal One Capsule Machine and Deluxe Bundle


The OPAL One utilises a unique silicon brew chamber, eliminating unwanted dilution and features both higher pressure and higher temperature brewing - delivering a fuller-bodied, stronger coffee than ever before. 

Combined with the Dualit Milk Frother, you can easily make hot frothed milk or cold frothed milk in just two minutes. It's perfect for making a latté, cappuccino, hot chocolate, milkshakes or simply livening up your Opal One coffees. A compact and invaluable addition to any kitchen.



Wilfa Classic+ Coffee Maker

When you’re in a rush and just want some delicious, professional-tasting filter coffee without the need to be fully engaged with the process of brewing it, Wilfa has an answer to that. With the Wilfa Classic+, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3: add your desired amount of fresh ground coffee to the hopper, add up to 1L of water, press the button and wait. You have control over your flow rate, extraction time and water temperature, as well as smart maintenance features that remind you to clean the device, help you to conserve power, and prevent drips on the hot plate. In less than five minutes, you can have 1-10 cups of coffee ready for your enjoyment. This compact batch brewer balances intuitive usage with an attention to detail that coffee professionals will appreciate.

This gift set also includes 250 grams of Sourced Grande Reserve Rainforest Alliance Ground Coffee



The Aeropress Gift Set

The ultimate gift for a coffee lover, or great starter kit if you are new to coffee brewing! Inside the box will be everything you need to start brewing delicious coffee. 

The Aeropress is a highly popular and versatile brewer perfect for at home, on the go or at your desk! Easy to use the Aeropress yields up to 2 cups of smooth, rich coffee with less than 1/5 of the acidity of drip brew coffee. Easy to clean & dishwasher safe. 

The Aeropress set includes: Aeropress coffee maker, mixer chamber, filter cap, plunger, filters (x350), filter holder, funnel, stir stick, coffee scoop, instructions and tote bag.



Sourced Ultimate Coffee Gift Set

The beginners guide to brewing, this gift set has everything required to introduce a new coffee enthusiast to home brewing! 

Grind your beans in the Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder, a fantastic grinder that uses strong, durable stainless steel cutting blades that spins at a precise RPM to take coffee beans from coarse to fine quickly and efficiently for fresh brewing. Brew your freshly ground coffee in the Kinto Coffee Dripper, a plastic V60, an iconic piece of brewing equipment, incredibly easy to use and brews a perfect cup of coffee. Great for use at home or in the office. Capable of brewing 2 cups of coffee, this brewer comes with 40 unbleached filter papers.

Perfect treat for yourself to start your home brewing journey, or treat the coffee enthusiast in your life.

This kit also includes 3 bags of our most popular beans for you to try different brewing techniques and find your favourite coffee blend!


That wraps up the top 5 Christmas gifts for a coffee lover this Christmas 2021! 

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