Bravilor® Esprecious 12

A range of fully functioning bean-to-cup commercial machines

Bravilor® Esprecious 12
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Bravilor® Esprecious 12

A range of fully functioning bean-to-cup commercial machines

£4199.95 Including [email protected]%

Total: £4199.95

Product Specifics

Lease Available: Weekly lease from only £41.60

Recommended Cups per day: Recommended for up to 250 cups per day

Ingredients range: Fresh bean and fresh milk range of drinks, hot water for tea and instant hot chocolate.

Drink options: Capable of dispensing 2 cups at the same time in just 33 seconds

Dimensions : W330 x D570 x H660 mm

Power: 13amp plug within 1m of machine location.

Water Supply: Plumbed 3/4 inch BSP dishwasher water connection within 1m of machine location

The Esprecious range from Bravilor consists of four bean to cup machines - 11, 12, 21 and 22. The options provide for up to two canisters for coffee beans and up to two canisters for instant ingredients. 

The two canisters for instant ingredients can be filled with granulated milk and hot chocolate powder for coffee specialties such as cappuccino, latte, moccachino and hot chocolate.

This is a fully functioning bean-to-cup commercial machine, capable of producing 250 cups per day. The ability for it to add coin operation, as well as advertising and video to the front of the machine makes it a popular choice from a well-known manufacturer. Automatic rinsing system to optimise the in-cup quality and unique hot water system to reduce scaling.

This machine is capable of producing:
- Café au lait
- Cappuccino
- Crema coffee
- Espreschoc
- Espresso
- Espressochoc
- Double espresso
- Hot chocolate
- Latte macchiato
- Moccachino
- Coffee decaf
- Hot water

We can offer this machine with a number of different options please contact us for more information here.

Option 1 - Machine Only Cost: This includes price includes the Machine only + 12 Months parts & labour warranty

Option 2 - Machine + Installation: This includes price includes the Machine, installation, initial water filter + 12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty

Additional extended warranty is available. 

There is also the opportunity to lease this machine from as little as £41.60 a week. 

Delivery time will be confirmed upon purchase.

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